The art of planning a chilled wedding …

A vent.

I am a planner. There are few things in this world that I take on without planning every detail. I even plan on cancelling Friday night plans and plan the pizza I will order and bottle of wine I will finish. So when it comes to my wedding (18 August 2018 if you were asking) I am of course the planning queen. (Drama queen, yes, but a queen no less!)

After about ten minutes’ worth of brainstorming (that’s all I need) I (we) settled on a chilled, laid back, fun, kinda-sorta theme. On Pinterest I believe you will also find this under boho-chic or country-folk weddings.

From the moment I started thinking about the wedding I knew I wanted something chilled. No planned first dances with smoke machines and purple lights, or throwing a bouquet with All the single ladies blasting in the background. I just wanted a party I would actually enjoy.

That should take the hassle out of wedding planning, right?


Wedding planning, even if it’s a chilled wedding is easily the most stressful project I have ever encountered. I mean you are planning the party that celebrates you promising to love a person forever, not to mention the monetary investment you are putting behind that promise. It’s a lot of pressure straight off the bat.

Then we aren’t even getting to the details!

Now imagine the day of your wedding. You see yourself waking up in white linen with coffee, breakfast and maybe a sneaky bottle of champagne before you get ready in silk gowns, onesies, glittery kimonos, or whatever is cute these days.

Who do you think books that accommodation? Or preorders that breakfast? Yes, by all means tell the bridesmaids to wake you up with the tray, but at the end of the day bills need to be paid and arrangements need to be made in advance. In this game there is no such thing of the “kind bed and breakfast owner” surprising you on the morning with anything. The moment you check out and get hitched, a new bride arrives who’s more than happy to pay for bells and whistles.

Okay. I want to make it clear that it’s not a case that I don’t enjoy wedding planning. I think I’ve made it clear in the first paragraph that I’m a serious planner, it’s part of my nature. It’s just that there are so many things left to plan! And this is supposed to be a chilled wedding. How do the serious brides do it?!

SORRY, I just really needed to vent. I AM enjoying this process but I just need this moment to say: THIS SHIT IS HARD.

I’ll check back after I booked a goddamn DJ. And the fairy lights and the cool mason jars we’ll use as flower vases. And the florist who’ll arrange the wild flowers and leaves in said mason jars. Then we’re not even talking dress yet. Or confetti, or, or, or …

Never mind I’ll make a bullet list. Maybe even lay it out in a daily calendar planner.

13 thoughts on “The art of planning a chilled wedding …

  1. madebygreta says:

    You are so right! We are getting married next year in August as well and want a laid back wedding…but there is still quite a lot of pressure even though I am a project manager and love a good project :).


  2. Pistachios says:

    Congrats on your engagement!
    A friend of mine who got married in October delegated some tasks to the bridal party (things like compiling the playlist, booking accommodation, etc) and I think that helped take some of the stress from her. Well, I hope it helped, since I was one of the bridesmaids.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gina says:

    Hahaha! So honest. Retrospectively, I loved wedding planning. In the moment…that was a different story. I have even said to my husband “I wish we had done this” or “why didn’t we do that?” He looked at me incredulously & said, “Are you kidding me?!?! Do you NOT remember how stressed you were?”. I almost kind of don’t! Almost 😉


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