Springbok knuckles, Julia Child and foodie aspirations …

I recently succumbed to the mother of all food blogger porn, Julie and Julia.

Who of us can watch the coming-of-life movie of food legend Julia Child and original food blogger Julie Powell without scratching open all our cooking, writing and living the best life possible passions? To top it all I happened to have some springbok knuckles slow cooking in red wine and apricot jam, which only made the situation all the more romantic. Oh god, why can’t we all live the life of Julia Child, beef bourguignon and Meryl Streep? Continue reading

One Star House Party: A true foodie experience.

Every now and then you come across an experience that is truly one of a kind, something so special that you know you are almost never likely to meet its equivalent again. For many people this can be something like a wedding or birth, for me it was dining at One Star House Party.

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Searching for Japan in Cape Town

Recently it was decided in my household that the next destination to which we would travel would be Japan. Beautiful, distant, mystical Japan. Think misty mountains, blooming blossoms and tables so full of sushi it cascades off the edges. Too far on the stereotypes, right? Seriously though, when we talk about visiting new and exciting places food always comes into the equation doesn’t it? Author Scott Westerfelf famously said in his novel Afterworlds, “The best way to know a city, is to eat it.” As humans we get excited by the ‘newness’ of a place through the local food, turning me to think about what I really know about Japanese cuisine.

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Delicatessen from a shack in Nirvana

Foodgasms from Mauritius

Yes, it is true. People actually live in the island paradise apart from rich bums taking up hotel beaches. More than live there, people even work there, in cities…  Now I don’t mean to sound demeaning to the lovely people from the Dodo island, but I was completely ignorant in this regard. I honestly thought only of hotels, room service, long buffet tables and cocktails on demand when I decided to visit a friend who lives in paradise. What I was met with, was a country of hustle and bustle, busy roads, traffic, ungodly heat and an even more ungodly amount of sweating. Amidst this beehive of sweat and rush (it was just after Christmas and just before New Years) I found something that will now forever onward put long buffet tables of franchised hotels to shame. To shame I say!

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Something Fishy

Let’s head down to The salty sea dog!

Weekends are for long drives along the coast, sunshine, love and laughter. Oh and of course happy bellies. Driving down the Cape Peninsula away from Cape Town, all roads lead to Simon’s Town, the cute, quaint old colonial naval harbour town. There are whitewashed walls, statues, ice-cream cafes and navy officers in uniform all round. Continue reading