Truly Terrific Tea

High tea at the Mount nelson

I was one of those kids that always had a play tea-set growing up. First the pink and purple plastic version, then I upgraded to the pretty mini porcelain one. That habit has never quite left me and you’ll generally always find me trying to expand my very tea time crockery by diving though antique stores one at a time. And I have to say, if you are ever invited to one of my tea parties be prepared for cakes and champagne and tea out of old copper pots and flowers and breads and the whole shebang. Oh and yes, I do mean to brag. I have definitely graduated from my time serving empty cups to teddy bears. But that still doesn’t even come close to the absolutely fabulous experience that you receive from the Mount Nelson Hotel‘s famous High Tea.  Continue reading

Review: Cape Town’s Hipster Mecca

A study of a place where only incredibly cool and good-looking people hang out.

Surrounded by a crowd, a dream sequence resembling a kind of fashion show, showcasing all of grandma and grandpas clothing, couture. Fuzzy-bearded 20-year olds smoking pipes whilst reading Nietzsche. Heavy-rimmed spectacles, hand-crafted bear and most importantly the use of the words “vintage”, “retro”, “old-school” used at least three times per sentence.

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Tikka to Ride

There are 500 000 Indian immigrants living in London. This include people from Bengali, Pakistani and Indian origins. Indian is thus the largest ethnic minority group to be found in the Queen’s city, whereof a mind-blowing 39% of the entire West London comprises of Indian descent. Delving even deeper, in London alone there is 9000 Indian restaurants and over two million Britons eat at Indian restaurants once a week. There can be no doubt about it, Indian Cuisine in England can’t be classified as an exotic experience anymore, and has become ingrained with British culture like fish and chips. Lo and behold, wasn’t it in fact Indian spices that informed the much-loved Worcestershire sauce? Curry is the new generation to bangers ‘n mash, and it’s high time to explore the English Spice Route. After all, isn’t the best way to learn about a country, through its food? Continue reading

Review: Bacon on Bree

And yes. It is a bacon restaurant.

If you are thinking about it logically, a restaurant entirely dedicated to bacon doesn’t really need a review, right? I mean it’s bacon, what else in life is there? Although that is completely and utterly true, I see it as my responsibility to preach the gospel about this little piece of heavenly dining. Bacon on Bree is truly one of the coolest and most delicious joints around and their love for bacon is apparent in the dishes that respect the much-loved ingredient in its entirety. A self-proclaimed ‘baconporium’ you’ll find food satisfaction experienced very seldom elsewhere. Try it, I couldn’t have been happier even if I fried… Continue reading

Review: Borage Bistro

The epitome of the business lunch.

Hidden inside a massive glass skyscraper owned by one of South Africa’s biggest banking corporates, resides one of the cosiest, most beautiful little bistros, Borage Bistro. Set in the cold glass building, overwhelmed by cold banking fumes, creativity oozes and drips out of the well-oiled hinges from the bright glass doors of Borage. Don’t be fooled by the fancy business suites sipping wine and cappuccinos inside, Borage is cultural heartland when it comes to the menu. Be prepared to be treated, to have an experience, to feel like you’re in Gordon Ramsey/Jaime Oliver/Heston Blumenthal territory. Continue reading