How to cook fish on the fire

BBQ fish: Fresh. Hot. Delicious.

As a kid I grew up with everything cooked on the fire. Meat, bread and fish. For most of my life I honestly believed it was physically impossible to cook a whole fish in the oven, much less on the pan (god damn heathens).  Alas, I have been showed the error of my ways, and it is in fact possible to stick a fish in an oven-proof bowl and bake it till it becomes crispy dry. My heart, however, still yearns for the subtle smoky flavour flesh that falls apart at the slightest touch it is so buttery and juicy. The taste that only comes from fire and coals… Continue reading

The Elvis Cupcake

Banana, Peanutbutter, Cheese and Bacon. All hail the King!

As  the spawn of two hippie parents, I was dragged to a Thailand adventure before I could even do my 5-times table. But as hippie (hipster) parents do, we didn’t lie on illustrious beaches with fancy cocktails, well not for too long at least. We went deep rural to the mountains and jungles and the kind of places where the only other tourists you find are soul-seeking Australians. In one such a town, staying in a guest house of sorts that served cuisine far and beyond the “Thai Green Curry” we found of all other things, the Elvis sandwich. Bacon, banana, cheese and peanutbutter grilled to a cheesy and delicious perfection in a place where clean water was a commodity. I guess that’s the power of the King for you. I don’t know if it was the bizarre flavour combination or the bizarre location it was found in, but since then Elvis has become to me something more than a legend, he has become a craving. Continue reading

Caramellow-raspberry puffs

Because. Happiness.

Looking for a way to package happiness? Well, if anything could hold happiness in bitesize chunks, it would be cream puffs. Caramel-stuffed cream puffs laden with raspberry coulis. Getting into the spirit yet? Good, because they are easy, cheap and delectably yummy.

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Flourless Nutella Chocolate Pie

2 Ingredients. Minimum Effort, maximum results.

Nutella, eggs and an oven. Has delicacy ever been easier? Thanks to Masterchef Australia favourite, Matt Preston it is. I recently tried this recipe more out of intrigue than anything else and I have to admit that we have a goodie on our hands, with a few minor adjustments of course. (I’m a control freak, what else would you expect!)

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Bubbly Cornbread

And by “Bubbly” I of course mean champagne.

I am a sucker for three things: bread, champagne and easy things. This one ticks them all, which is why it is clear that this is one of my favourite recipes ever. You literally just mix all the ingredients in one bowl and prod it in the oven. You can even mix and match ingredients as you go along, a few months ago I put together a bacon, olive and mushroom concoction which was absolutely divine (read here). But this time I have to pay an homage to one of my other favourites, corn. Most of us grew up with tons of variations of corn bread: whole corn, sweet corn, corn flour. Everyone has their religion. I like whole corn for the very specific reason that it bursts with sweetness as you bite into the butter-loaded slice adding some texture and sensation to each bite. But that’s just me, why not experiment a little? Continue reading