When a series of events ensues hilarity

“Should we let him out?” Nathan nervously asks. “I don’t know, I don’t really want to do anything”, I reply guiltily sinking into the car seat. “We have to do something. He’s blind for god sake!”  

I unlock the door screeching from laughter. My roommate’s concerned face appears from her doorway thinking I am in fits of tears. I topple over, I might as well be in fits of tears. My heart is breaking while the bouts of giggles may well kill me. Continue reading

To the lighthouse of Simonstown: The legacy of Roman Rock

A story of history and its repercussions

Placid water ebbs against the belly of the boat. It licks the kayak, tasting the fibreglass as if just to say hello like a friendly dog. Dipping the oar into the water is like wading through butter, so calm it feels thick. Continue reading

Legally Blind


Sapphire blue eyes. Sapphire blue eyes set in an open, laughing face and bald scalp. His hairlessness strengthens the blue stare in his eyes, opening them up even wider. Apart from two blue gazers he owns an abnormally tall body, crowning above Marion, his wife. Marion is stocky and stout with long mousy-blonde hair, a button nose and small eyes. She is kind and caring, especially the way she checks her giant’s step into the house. He could have strolled out of a fairytale; Dahl’s the BFG jumps to mind. In reality, The Old Lady who lived in a Shoe or Snow White seems more appropriate with the giant and his piercing blue eyes just squeezing through the small wooden door. Continue reading

Hamburgers for New Year’s

Because sometimes you just lose that loving feeling.

Fighting, screaming, kicking, yelling. The Summer of 2007. The family just moved from a small town to the big city and no one was happy. Dad hated his new job and even more, his new colleagues. Mom hated the new neighbours and couldn’t find any school that would hire her even after she built up such a reputable name in their old town. The two daughters, respectively aged 16 and 14 hated life in general and were too emotional and moody to figure out exactly what made them so upset. And so the family took it out on each other.

“You just don’t get me! You just don’t understand!” the girls would yell out at different intervals towards their parents. “How dare you speak to us that way!” the parents would reply in equally high-pitched yells. The family have lived in their new home in their new city for a few months. At first things were sunshine and roses and regular pool parties, however as things inched closer to the new year and end of holidays the stitches came loose into utter misery. “Why don’t you help your mother?!” the father would yell as his wife bent over pots and pans to make ready a Christmas feast. “She doesn’t want us there!” the girls would scream back which was promptly followed by the mother bursting into tears bawling, “No one wants to help me, I am struggling alone!” Continue reading

Cake Fever

The feeling that grabs you by the cupcakes.

I was hyperventilating, my arms waving frantic at imaginary fruit flies as I looked down at the puddle dripping bigger and bigger in front of me. My feet were stomping the floor below me like a crazed winemaker. Suddenly I reached a moment of stillness with a hint of calm that can only be likened to a soufflé fresh out of the oven. I was on the fine line between rationality and implosion. I chose implosion at the sight of it bleeding out all over my dining room table.

In a matter of minutes my life was ending. I could feel the sorrow pour down my cheeks in droplets of salt tears. I saw the correlations, Carthage was burnt, razed and salted to curse the very earth it was built on, my tears fell in salt pools around one of the biggest accidents that ever befell my soul. All I could do was look at the oozing and festering. I was helpless and decided to turn my back as the life was pouring out of its open wound. I threw the knife out of my hand and decided to hide in my closet. As long as I couldn’t see it, it didn’t happen. Continue reading